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Accept mobile payments & smart credit cards

The mobile payment revolution is coming, are you ready?

Pay with a phone – (NFC) Near Field Communication / Apple Pay
Your customer simply waves their mobile phone to pay

As mobile payments become more common, it is critical that you’re able to accept these mobile payment types in addition to credit and debit cards. Harbortouch Echo POS includes near field communication (NFC) technology so that your customers can simply wave their mobile phone to pay. Apple Pay uses NFC to collect secure payments from your customers using their iPhone.

Smart Credit Cards – (EMV) Europay, MasterCard and Visa
Security that protects you from fraud

Additionally, Echo POS accepts EMV-enabled credit cards, or “smart cards”. The major card brands recently announced that they will be migrating to EMV technology in the near future due to the added security afforded by these cards. Merchants who don’t accept EMV payments will be non-compliant once these changes go into effect. With Harbortouch Echo POS, you can future-proof your business and stay on the cutting edge of payments technology.

Harbortouch Apple Pay Phone


The ultimate in customer engagement

Pay-at-the-table gives your customers a better dining experience and provides faster table turns for your business. With the convenience of using Apple Pay, Perkwave then rewards your customers for dining at your establishment. Which you can then use to invite them back with a special offer or build points towards greater loyalty and encourage future visits.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Pay-at-the-table.

Apple Pay & Perkwave

How it works for your customer

Dine as normal
Enjoy your meal just like you normally would and when you’re ready to leave, request the check from your server.

perkwave apple pay step1

Scan the receipt
A special QR code is printed on the bottom of your receipt. Simply scan it with the Perkwave app, or enter the 7-digit receipt code manually.

perkwave apple pay step2

Review your check
Instantly a copy of your check is displayed on your phone. Simply review for accuracy and add a tip for the server.

perkwave apple pay step3

Pay with your finger
Touch the Buy with Apple Pay button, press your finger to the Touch ID™ sensor and payment is complete!

perkwave apple pay step4

Leave at your leisure
Your check is automatically closed out and your server notified. No need to sign anything and a digital receipt is delivered automatically to your phone.

perkwave apple pay step5

Build your Loyalty and Marketing with Perkwave

Hybrid Cloud Solution that combines Echo POS with mobile devices

Perkwave combines Loyalty, Rewards, Mobile Payments and Reporting into our hybrid cloud platform. Perkwave gives your customers the ability to use their mobile phones to Pay-at-the-table, build loyalty and earn rewards points. While giving you the ability to track sales and market to your customers. All seamlessly using our Perkwave platform.

  • Loyalty Program – Rewards & Coupons work with customer Phone Number
  • All Reports in Realtime Online
  • Mobile device access to reports
  • All POS terminals talk to the cloud and work independently. No need for a back office computer or master brain server.
  • Receive text message alerts on performance delivered right to your mobile device.
  • Integrated with Lighthouse – Our back office cloud platform for remote reporting and more…
  • Integrated with Perkwave – Our Loyalty and Rewards cloud platform with remote reporting and more…
  • Perkwave is already being used at 10,000 locations nationwide.
  • Exclusive iPhone & Android App
perkwave app iphone