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Harbortouch POS Elite

Harbortouch POS Elite combines state-of-the-art software with top-of-the-line
hardware to deliver a high quality POS system that is unmatched in both
reliability and usability.

Harbortouch POS Elite Features:

  • All-in-one design and cast aluminum body
    for maximum durability
    and sleek appearance

  • Powerful processor
    delivers blazingly fast speed
    and flawless performance

  • Massive storage
    to support even the largest inventories
    as well as extensive reporting data

Each POS system base package comes complete with the following components:

  • Cash Drawer

    The heavy-duty cash drawer protects against theft and also includes a cash till to keep your bills and coins organized

  • Receipt Printer

    The extremely reliable, high-speed thermal printer quickly provides receipts for your customers

  • Employee Time Clock Cards

    Each Hospitality system includes 10 employee cards to track labor hours and manage employee access

Optional accessories include:

  • Remote Printer

    Quickly send orders to the kitchen or appropriate area such as the bar, salad prep station, etc.

  • Scale

    Highly accurate scale featuring a heavy-duty cast aluminum casing with an easy-to-clean stainless steel platform

  • Kitchen Video System

    Orders display on a 17″ monitor in the kitchen where the queue can easily be managed with the included “bump pad”

  • Customer Display Pole

    Allows customers to view the price of items sold or you can display a promo message for marketing purposes

  • Caller ID

    Fully integrated caller ID allows you to view a customer’s contact information and order history on your POS system as the call comes in

  • Extra Employee Time Clock Cards

    Add extra employee cards to track labor hours and manage employee access

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